How to Make Your Farts Not Smell

Since the dawn of digestion the gas we pass has smelled horrible.

There has been no escape from the toe curling, nose hair singeing odor that comes from one of our most basic human functions: Farting.

Never has a human ailment caused so much pain and suffering and NOT received the attention of the best and brightest scientific minds to bring about a solution.

If you're reading this, you're probably on the interwebs looking for a solution to this problem, and you've come to the right place! 

Below are 6 of the best (this is a very subjective term) ways to reduce the odor of your gas.

1: Eat smaller meals and eat more frequently. This allows your digestive system to effectively move things along in a timely manner without allowing for the buildup of smelly gas along the way.

2: Chew with your mouth closed. Not only did your mom not want to see your partially chewed up food at the dinner table, she also didn't want to smell your gas a couple hours later! Keeping your mouth closed while chewing, and drinking, helps keep air out of your system that will eventually turn into gas leaving you out your other end. Less gas passed = less instances of smelly gas. 

3: Exercise. Your body does a great job of moving food from one end to the other without any of our conscientious help. It's pretty awesome like that. However, by actively moving for extended periods of time it helps move things along in the ol' intestines and reduces the buildup of gas along the way. The less time gas sits in your system the fewer smelly particles build up in it.

4: Avoid your personal trigger foods. Chances are you know EXACTLY what will give you the worst gas ever. For me, it's peas. For my friend Matt, it's bananas. while almost everyone gets gas from things like beans and legumes, most people know of a certain food that cranks up your odor-meter the most. So, if you are trying to control the odor of your gas, DON'T EAT THAT FOOD, SILLY! 

Now, if these things don't work, here are a couple bonus suggestions you can add to your odor-busting repertoire.

5: Charcoal pads in your underwear. Yes, this is real and seems to be a good option for some people. The charcoal is able to absorb the smelly particles as it leaves your bum. If you don't mind slipping one in down there then this is a plausible option you can try out. 

6: Sneak a Squeak! You knew we'd throw this one in here :) People want a magic pill to fix all their problems, and while you can't solve all of your problem with a pill, smelly gas can now be treated by one simple serving of Sneak a Squeak. Our all-natural ingredients go to work quickly (2-3 hours) and neutralize the odor of your gas before it squeaks out, making it smell like nothing at all. How does this work, you ask? For a full breakdown, check out our FAQ page. Oh, and it's guaranteed to make your gas not stink, or your money back. No questions asked! 

Everyone's body is unique and different, and some of these techniques will work for some people and not for others. If you've tried everything you can to reduce the odor of your gas without success, give Sneak a Squeak a try risk-free today.

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