About Us

The idea for a pill that makes your gas not stink has always been an inside joke between us. Every year on January 1st Mark would update his Facebook status with "Well Science, it's a new year where's the pill to make our farts not stink?" ...followed by crickets.

A few years later in a marketing class for his MBA, Mark's team had to come up with an idea for a new product for a project they were working on that semester. As a joke he suggested we make a pill to that makes your gas not stink. Everyone loved the idea, but the professor said they couldn't use the idea unless they had a realistic idea of how the pill would work. Not having a clue about the science of smells and odor neutralization, Mark dove into researching the subject in order to come up with a plausible list of ingredients to put in the pill. After a week of constant research, he came up with a list of ingredients that had been used for odor manipulation outside the body that were also safe to ingest. With this untested, but intriguing, list of ingredients, the professor signed off on the idea and allowed them to use the idea for the semester's project.

This is when a lot of people might have stopped pursuing such a silly idea, but not Mark. After his professor accepted the proposal, he purchased the ingredients he suspected could reduce the odor of farts and then roped his classmates into being his guinea pigs to test out their effectiveness. He gave them one ingredient at a time for a week, and then had them take an anonymous survey after to see if they noticed any difference in the smell of their gas. Some ingredients flopped, some actually made the gas not stink! those ingredients are what ended up making it into our product.

This was the beginning of Sneak A Squeak. The world waited on Science long enough without any viable option for smelly farts—and now the solution is here. 

Sneak A Squeak is The Original Tootralizer. We're sure you'll find it as useful as we have.